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Sanger: One Woman, One Story

“Actress Pamela Daly is spectacular as Sanger. She commands her stage, transforming herself into a plethora of characters with the seamless precision and comedic timing reminiscent to that of fellow brilliant impressionist Robin  Williams (RIP).”


-Tolucan Times

“…Wow! You are a Chameleon”

“… monumental!! …the outstanding, masterly, superb, jaw dropping tour de force  of the super woman herself!!!!"

“utterly remarkable and inspiring, memorable performance of an actress whose range is remarkable. Who so totally immerses herself in each character , captivates and mesmerizes the audience , who are with her every moment of her two hour performance.”

“ It was powerful to watch the life of such a shrewd and feminine historical figure unfold onstage, and in the hands of a less supple actress, it might have been tedious. The empathy in Daly’s portrayal of Sanger runs deep as the play takes an unflinching look at some of her more controversial beliefs. You and your team did incredible work on Sanger! You are a phenomenal actress and the story was impeccably told.”

“Watching Pamela on stage is like watching a child on a playground. Her freedom, imagination, and creativity pulled me into the world of Sanger”

“…you shared your heart and spirit onstage as you breathed your beautiful breath into her story.  Thank you for educating and inspiring me on so many levels!!”

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A Little House Christmas

“The ensemble are a dream team. Jorgensen and Daly make Charles and Caroline Ingalls strong, caring parents who put family at the top of their list.”

“…Particularly endearing is the dance between Pa and Ma. Jorgensen and Daly have great chemistry together and it shines through in their dancing.”


-The Hollywood Times

“…Ma shows her talents with an almost-defiant blaze of fancy footwork.”


-Sierra Madre Weekly

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Pamela Daly plays Artie, in an excellent portrait of an ambitious and brilliant mother… Daly brings a certain reluctant distance to the character of the mother… like a jewel encrusted in a small dark stage.” There should be a line outside the box office demanding entrance! There should be huge splashes and accolades in all the media expounding the virtues of the actors! There should be more plays of this quality… Meg Wallace, Nancy Solomons and Pamela Daly have the  inner reward of knowing that they have created indelible characters and those fortunate to have seen their work will not soon forget them. You should go – so you can join the privileged who can say – “ I was there when they played Eleemosynary”.

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Lucia Mad

“Pamela Daly scores comic points as his commonsensical wife, trying to cope with a houseful of nut cases.”



“Pamela Daly shines as Lucia’s mother, Nora… Daly put a dry comedic twist to the character making her witty… sarcastic”


-Scoop L.A.

“The combination of Pamela Day and Ian Patrick Williams, as Nora and James Joyce, makes for great comedy and a realistic married couple in their situation. . . Comedy only works when an actor knows how to deliver it, and the actors of Lucia Mad certainly know how to.”

“The performances delivered by the cast were solid, especially that of the parents played by Ian Patrick Williams (James Joyce) and Pamela Daly (Nora Joyce).  Their relationships on stage with each other and their daughter (Meg Wallace) are believable and complex. “


-LA Theatre

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How I Learned to Drive

“…brilliantly performed…   Pamela Daly was multi-faceted as she played several characters including the slighted Aunt who was married to Uncle Peck and the mother who tried to shield Lil’ Bit from her own burgeoning sexuality. Performing two characters fighting the same fight for different reasons, Daly was not only outstanding but she was also heart wrenching to watch at the same time.”

“Just had to gild the lily by telling you how WONDERFUL you were in the show last night. You were AMAZING.  I rarely have the opportunity to see such well developed characters. Your monologue was so multi-layered. It was spellbinding. FANTASTIC!!!! I look forward to seeing you in your next project!”


-Dink O’Neal - BackStage Garland Awards

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Gifts of the Magi

“Desantis and Parenteau (AKA Daly) make the two young marrieds lovable without being sappy—you never forget they are at their wit’s end.  And Parenteau, particularly, makes her perpetually hopeful character, Della, an adorable battler.”


-Dec.,1989-Roger Grooms - Cincinnati Enquirer Review

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Someone’s Been Sleeping in My Bed

“Pamela Parenteau (AKA Daly) is a charming ham as a French maid”


- 1989 - Maureen Conlan - Cincinnati Post review

“Pamela Parenteau’s (AKA Daly) Leonie is full of feisty impertinence enhanced by her endearingly exaggerated French accent”.-Someone’s 


-Sept, 1989,-Lesli Anne - Nachbauer review

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A Thousand Cranes

“Pamela Parenteau (AKA Daly) plays both mother and grandmother and iseffective in both roles.  She is lovingly stern but understanding as a mother, and colorful and commanding as the grandmother spirit.”


-Dave Nicole - Grand Rapids Press review -March 9, 1989.

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Hedda Gabler

“Pamela Parenteau (AKA Daly) does well as Mrs. Elvstead, Hedda’s old school friend and antithesis.  A model of turn-of-the-century femininity, she is gentle and obedient.”


-Hedda Gabler at the Actor’s Rep in WPB, Florida - February, 1987 - Julian Childers Condo News.

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The Possessor

“Pamela Parenteau’s (AKA Daly) portrayal of a young, sexy looking actress is the real thing.  Were her small scene on celluloid, it would burn!”


-Irv Rikon - Jewish World.

“Pamela Parenteau (AKA Daly) who so genuinely played the prim Mrs. Elvsted in “Hedda Gabler” just as truthfully plays the seductive actress out to further her career by granting O’Neill favors.  Parenteau acts with the grace of simplicity and honesty that obsolutely brings her characters to life.”


-April, 1987 - Glenn Evans - Condo News.

“Pamela Parenteau (AKA Daly) plays O’neill’s mistress Joan Summerlake with a style and wit that elevates one scene in MacGregor’s play above the rest.  Instead of telling us what happened, Parenteau and Henderson create a splendid seduction scene.  She throws out a net and the great O’Neill is scooped up in it like a schoolboy.”


-April, 1987 - Chris Hunter  -Palm Beach Daily News.

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To Carry the Child

“…some of the best acting this critic has seen this year in a contemporary play. Pamela Daly (Libby) is a mother whose strength and resilience reside directly beneath the surface. Her fear and doubt are strongly counter-balanced by her love.”


-North Hollywood Patch

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