Sanger: One Woman, One Story

“Actress Pamela Daly is spectacular as Sanger. She commands her stage, transforming herself into a plethora of characters with the seamless precision and comedic timing reminiscent to that of fellow brilliant impressionist Robin  Williams (RIP).”


-Tolucan Times

“…Wow! You are a Chameleon”

“… monumental!! …the outstanding, masterly, superb, jaw dropping tour de force  of the super woman herself!!!!"

“utterly remarkable and inspiring, memorable performance of an actress whose range is remarkable. Who so totally immerses herself in each character , captivates and mesmerizes the audience , who are with her every moment of her two hour performance.”

“ It was powerful to watch the life of such a shrewd and feminine historical figure unfold onstage, and in the hands of a less supple actress, it might have been tedious. The empathy in Daly’s portrayal of Sanger runs deep as the play takes an unflinching look at some of her more controversial beliefs. You and your team did incredible work on Sanger! You are a phenomenal actress and the story was impeccably told.”

“Watching Pamela on stage is like watching a child on a playground. Her freedom, imagination, and creativity pulled me into the world of Sanger”